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10 Jun 2014
THE PROBLEM OF SCARS - Let's talk a little about the technique of incisions and resulting scars?   Figure 1 show roughly the most common technique used in breast surgery. According to Nick Pineault’s Truth About Fat Burning Foods, Scars are three: one around the areola; the vertical in the lower part of the breast; and cross down in the crease between the breast and chest. Learn The Truth About Nick Pineault Here
Many women worry that the scar prejudices the outcome of the surgical procedure. However, in plastic surgery, we assumed that the scar should not represent more than 10% of the problem that led to the patient opt for this feature. For example, before plastic, with the woman lying does not see her breast because she falls sideways. After surgery, she appears on the chest and the woman cries with happiness to see her again formed and not just calling the scar, says Nick Pineault.Then a curious thing happens. The patient stated that the beginning - "Doctor, to me any scar is better than my problem", with the passage of time begins to enjoy herself and to develop self-esteem. So she thinks that even good quality scars bother and look for a solution to mitigate them.
SURGICAL TECHNIQUE FOR ABDOMEN IN APRON - What is the technique used for the abdomen to form an apron? In this type of surgery, the technique in anchor is the most devoted. Figure 2 shows a case in which the technique is blended with the pubic anchor resolution. As this area can fall completely, you need to suspend it and stabilize the bottom and then remove the excess skin lengthwise line.  Click to learn More


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