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02 Jul 2014
 Sometimes the power of imagination works so bright that the patient feels physically present in his body fictional.
Connect imagination and it is useful in the process of eating. Remember the catch phrase Hippocrates: We are what we eat? If you grasp the aphorism and think about it in the food that you eventually want to take a bite: a big chunk of meat or a juicy apple?
Exercise - Imagine your stomach in the form of a clean cup from which feeds the body. The components are mixed in the food container, as lettuce. Of what it will be? Unlikely to cause appetite, for example, a mix of meat, thistle, soup, fruit and cake for dessert; now think about this combination: lean fish, green vegetables, cereals, and a little pot of yoghurt. So what to choose?
Prepare to change - Positive changes in appearance, no doubt, delight and stimulate new feats. But life changes themselves can cause transformation. American psychologist Robert Dilts in the book changing beliefs with NLP describes his observations of a group of patients, ask to reduce weight. Quick results achieved are people who go to any diet accompanied profound changes in life - to start or finish school, wedding, major purchase, change of work, and place of residence. The fact that, experiencing changes people unwittingly, make sure that nothing lasts forever. Everything is changing, often for the better, including the figure.
 Information Shared By Nick Pineault The author of Truth About Fat Burning Foods


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